Which concert left a mark on you?

This week I talked to Razorcake founder and lifelong punk Todd Taylor, and we spent some time talking about his first punk show. I couldn’t fit his answer into the story, but it’s really good:

“I can't tell you who played. I remember it was in a public storage. I think it was sort of like a hesher band because I remember of people with long hair playing. There was somebody standing in front of me, who had this two-part earring. Like one part went in the front one part went in the back. I felt this tap my shoulder. I looked over and the guy next to me just smiled. He then ripped the earring out of the guy in front of me’s earlobe and then punched the guy.

That's what I remember about that show the most. And it was really hot.”

Do you have any concert moments that defined you? I wanna hear about them.