Help me celebrate AWKSD's second birthday by watching me do something very dumb

Whoa. Two years! Who would’ve thought?

When I first started AWKSD, I thought, let me see if I can do this for at least one year. And then COVID happened, and San Diego CityBeat disappeared, and my next thought was: If I’m not the one writing about gross food, cats, pop-punk, art and incompetent politicians, who will??

The past year has been incredible, and I really appreciate all the support you’ve given me.

To celebrate AWKSD’s 2-year anni, I’m gonna try and break the world record of “most consecutive hours spent drawing stussies.”


I call it the “Cool S Until Dead Ass Subscription Drive & Fundraiser”

Here’s a link to my gofundme. If you can throw some money my way, I’d really appreciate that. Thank you for your continued support of free, independent, and irreverent journalism. Thank you thank you thank you.